Apr 25, 2014

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The goal of the Clouds@home project is to provide guaranteed performance for computation and storage across unreliable Internet volunteered resources. To that end, the approach is to integrate techniques for resource availability prediction, virtual machines, and peer-to-peer data management.

In particular, we aim for the following:

  • Predictive models of resource availability for groups of volatile Internet resources
  • Strategies for checkpointing applications using virtual machines (VMs) in low-bandwidth,

volatile, and wide-area networks

  • Methods for data management that ensure data durability, availability, and access


  • Implementation of a cloud computing prototype with validation on an experimental

platform such as PlanetLab or DSLlab.

The Clouds@home project is funded for four years (2009-2013) by the The French National Research Agency (ANR) under contract ANR-09-JCJC-0056-01.

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